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empty your mind
and open your heart

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Yoga for
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Yoga is a science, it is a connection with the breath, body and mind. At yoga for you I am focused on creating a life long love of yoga.In a group or individually I will encourage and nurture you every step of the way building a strong , positive, healthy body and mind.

Reach out to book a class today!! in person or Zoom virtual classes available.

Yoga for Kids
& Teens

IMPROVES strength and flexibility encourages good posture
INCREASES self-confidence, and builds a positive self-image
HELPS co-ordination, balance and memory
ENCOURAGES team work, and co-operation
NURTURE creativity and imagination
RESPECT for themselves, others and the environment
FUN for everyone.

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Yoga for Private
& Small Groups

Learn the fundamentals of yoga and the basic alignment of each Asana (pose).

Practise with me anytime in the comfort of your own home, office or studio.

SLOWLY and mindfully build your practice with a safe strong, confident foundation.

DISCOVER how powerful and important the correct use of your breath is.

MEDITATION personal guide for your practise.

About Michele & Yoga For You

After a near fatal accident in 2005, I was forced to put my yoga practice on hold for approximately 6 months.When the time came to slowly return to my practice, I saw greater physical and emotional improvement every day.As I became stronger physically and emotionally a new positive path in my life began to unfold. This lead to starting Yoga For You, with the goal of sharing the many benefits I gained from the practice of Yoga and Ayurveda. Primarily expressing how these sister sciences helped me to feel better than I ever had before.

Since returning to yoga and beginning Yoga For You, I have become more; aware of my body, focused on the importance of movement & breathing, and eating nutritious food. This has helped me to lose weight and maintain a strong, energetic and healthy body and mind.

Through Yoga For You, I have been able to introduce many new people to the yoga lifestyle, which has been such a significant benefit to my life. For more information about my practice and to learn how I can help you to become stronger in mind body and spirit with yoga, contact me using the form below.


I started with an introduction to Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, the science of life, how to live in harmony with the natural forces of the world.

I completed 200 hrs yoga teacher training at Body Mind Life with Nicole Walsh, Shiva Rae’s flow Teacher Training with Twee Merrigan.


Shiva Rae’s fluid Power and hands on assisting with Twee Merrigan.

500hrs Yoga Coach Teacher Training with Mark Breadner.


Rainbow Kids Teacher Training with Gopala Amir Yaffe.


Karma Kids Teacher Training with Beth Borowsky.

“Her dedication to her pupils wellbeing as well as her patience and manner made her a great leader and mentor as our ‘Yogi’ of choice. If the opportunity present itself to attend any future classes she may conduct, I would love to return to her classes as a dedicated pupil!”

Adam Sparkes
General Manager Projects – McGrath Estate Agents

“Michele Is a very dedicated teacher with great patience and has total commitment towards the wellness of her clients whether they be young or at the other end of life cycle”

Peter Benson
Founder at FuturePowerMedia-™ Research

“Rose Bay Secondary College has employed Michele Tsaoucis for the past several years as a Yoga Instructor for our students. She has performed her role in a very professional and structured manner. Our students have grown in the knowledge of Yoga and this has led to more students in choosing the sport on a regular basis.”

John Flack
PDHPE Teacher, Rose Bay Secondary College

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